Sam Montgomery
I've made lots of art throughout my life other than dolls. I make pottery and sculpture art projects and I also sing as a performer. I've been singing for 14 years and it has been amazing to bring joy to others to help them. I'm 23 years old and live with my parents. I have two dogs, Lily and Penny, and a cat, Sylvester.

I was inspired to make the dolls when I was in music college for kids with learning issues that are gifted in music. My collection suggests what it's like to be a family of people who are all different. I created them to show the world that we are all the same but also our own selves, and we should be accepted for who we are. When I'm done making each one I always imagine that they will come to life and talk to me about what their lives are like. As you stare at them you begin to focus on their different shapes, and especially their faces, they really do come alive. Although they're members of a big family, they are always looking for new homes. Please let them make you happy.

The 44 Daughters story continues. After the daughters were first created and brought to life, the girls wanted their family to be ever bigger. They had some friends that would fit right in to their idea of family. Now that the family is bigger with the Sons, Same-Sex Couples, Cancer Survivors and Wounded Warriors. We want to celebrate our freedom and let the whole world know that art can express many ways of understanding life. The dolls hope that they get to change people's lives.

In September 2012 I was invited as an Artist for World Peace to China to exhibit 88 Sons and Daughters. It was an amazing experience, and eight of my dolls are on permanent exhibit in Linzhou, China. I also exhibited at the Maker Faire in New York and received a blue ribbon for originality. Please come and see the 44 Daughters Collection at the Maker Faire on San Mateo, May 18 + 19, 2013 and again in New York, September 21 + 22. I have a special exhibit May 14 to 20 as part of the chashama Window Gallery project in New York City at 266 West 37th Street. Chashama connects art and real estate by transforming underutilized properties into work and presentation spaces. I also perform on Monday nights at Thalia open Mic Night, the club at Symphony Space in New York City, Broadway and 95th Street. I also work in the Rockaways as a volunteer to help muck out houses ruined by Sandy. I suggest that everyone do this type of volunteer work; it really helps families in need!